Your Shadow Side

We all have a dark side or shadow side to ourselves. We live in a world of dualities, and the more we embrace our shadow side, the more we will become a vibrational match to what we desire in life. After all we wouldn’t have a shadow if there wasn’t a light casting behind it.  To integrate all aspects of ourselves is when we become whole and in alignment to our authentic self.
If we resist seeing the shadow side, then this dark force within will loom over us like a phantom ready to pounce when the opportunity strikes.
Allow your shadow to have a voice. Feel your feelings, there neither good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, they just are. Our shadow can at times appear taller than we actually are, isn’t that interesting? This is an illusion from our light source, that we can play with the dark, and have some fun creating with our shadow.
So the next time your shadow seems to be over powering you, remember the light is right behind it, casting it’s magnificent rays, illuminating and revealing all with in you. You are one, you are whole, you are the light of the world!

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