Young Living at Any Age

Lately I have been spending more time with people who are in their 80’s and 90’s. I find that so many are lonely, depressed and isolated. Their families do not visit them, or even call much. Many do not have friends or a social network.  Their minds have become atrophied because of lack of stimulation. Their on numerous medication for one thing or another which can be causing confusion and all sorts of side effects. This is very sad.

Why do we shun our aging population? Why are we so obsessed with youth? Like in the movie “The portrait of Doreen Gray”, the fountain of youth is a quest we seek above all else. Yes I too want to feel and look good but there is a warped attraction to maintaining youth forever. Plastic surgeries, Botox, and anti aging potions and lotions is a multimillion dollar industry. The goal is to put more life in our years no matter what age we are.


With age comes wisdom, stories, guidance, history and tradition.

There are many things that improve with age such as cheese, fine wine and scotch, trees antiques and a violin. Look at the character and majestic beauty of a mature tree, it’s breathtaking. Violins are really interesting because they only get better and more valuable when there played, otherwise they lose their ability to produce a good sound. Just like us we need to be played, we need to participate in life to stay in tune. If we don’t use it we will lose it. We need to keep our mind sharp by staying active. Learning new skills is so important in maintaining a healthy mind. Keeping our bodies active and eating a healthy diet will keep us looking and feeling our best at any age.


I also know people in their 80’s and beyond who are sharp, who are starting new adventures, travelling and enjoying their life. Age is a state of mind. Yes, our bodies will eventually wear out but our minds do not have to. Think of the possibilities if we gave life our all, if we weren’t afraid of old age and death. It seems we are so obsessed with youth because we are afraid of death. We hang on to an illusion and are afraid to live life. We are walking slowly to our grave. What if we grabbed life by the tail and toke the ride of our lives? What an adventure it would be. What a tale we would tell and a legacy to leave to our children. Live the life of your dreams:


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