Win From Within

I recently saw a commercial that was promoting sportsmanship from the prospective of win from with. I thought it was awesome! What a great message, to bring forward.  Competition has always been about being better than the next guy. Of course we strive to always be better, however if we can shift the focus to competing from with in, instead of with out, we will reach heights greater than we all have imagined.
Rodger Banister ran the mile in under 4 minutes when everyone told him it could not be done. He did not let that stop him. He wanted to win from within, so he achieved something that others said was impossible. How can you win from within and break your own records? When others say it can’t be done, what are you willing to do to prove it can?
We were raised to believe that, when I see it, I will l believe it.
The truth is when you believe it then you will see it!
So win from within and then you will see!

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