Will Power

will powerThere is a little book written in 1929 by Genevieve Behrend titled Your Invisible Power. It is one of my favorite books and I refer to it often.
Right in the first chapter she writes
“ When your understanding grasps the power to visualize your heart’s desire and hold it with your WILL, it attracts to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction.”
Now understanding comes from studying. Your hearts desire, is locked in your subconscious mind, you feel it in your heart however. Your will, is the ability to focus, or concentrate and stay with something with laser sharp precision. Your vision is using your imagination to create the picture of what it is you desire. So your will is the glue that binds your vision and desire together. Use your will power and see what you can manifest. Any thing is possible. All you have to do is will it in your life.
Visualize amazing things for your self, snap the picture and look at it often with intense emotions. You will gradually see the physical equivalent of that picture being created. This is creation.

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