Why I Love Getting Dirty… In the Garden of the Mind

Are you sick and tired way to often? Does life seem to be drag and you just don’t have the energy to do anything about it? Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or angry? Well it all starts with the thoughts you are thinking, and just like a beautiful garden that gets over taken by weeds if we don’t maintain it, the same thing happens with our minds. Our mind will get over taken by negative thoughts.

I was just in the garden, and my hands got dirty. I love getting my hands dirty in life, and in the garden of the mind.

When The Weeds Become The Garden

I was pulling out those pesky weeds, you know, the ones that overtake the garden? The same thing happens when we remain unaware of our thoughts. We all get those thoughts that we don’t like. They keep coming at us, and like those pesky weeds, we need to pull them out, becoming aware of them. Otherwise, they take over the garden.

A Daily Practice

Every day, those pesky, weedy thoughts come back, so we need to take the time to remove them and seed new ideas. We take care of our cars, homes, and health, but we often neglect the most important thing: our minds. Just as we brush our teeth every day, we need to get our hands dirty, weeding the garden of our minds every day. The little things we do make a big difference in the long run.

Let’s Not Become Our Issues

We become what we think about, we really do, and it’s so important to maintain our life in a spiritual way. I don’t know about you, but most people I meet are so busy with family, friends, and all the issues that arise. For example, one of my friends recently passed away. Another friend was just diagnosed with periodontal disease. I take care of my mom, who is in her eighties, by going to appointments with her and helping her to maintain her lifestyle. My daughter just moved back in with me, bringing her issues along for the ride. We all have so much on our plates today, and how do we find that peace of mind within us, that calm amid the storm?

Take A Moment: Fostering Conscious Thought

My wish for you today is: be conscious of your thoughts. Take time to sit quietly, read a spiritual book, write, journal, meditate, or do something that you feel might help to bring about peace in your life right now. Take a deep breath and relax, right now. Calmness of mind is the most rewarding, fulfilling part of our lives that will take us forward, in peace and good health.

Weeding Together

When I help my clients set and achieve goals, we do a lot of weeding and planting, and we do it together. Remember: no one has to do all their weeding alone.


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