It is unbelievable! When we see something or someone do something that seems impossible, we often use the expression, unbelievable! In other words we can’t believe our eyes. I still am amazed at the marvels and wonder of the achievements people have made.
I live close to Kennedy airport and the planes have a direct landing path over the ocean here. They are spaced approximately 5 minutes a part for there landing. It’s unbelievable to see these magnificent mechanical birds carrying 100’s of people fly through the air.
To think that just about 100 years ago, this seemed impossible.
How about Roger Bannister who broke the record for running the mile in under 4 minutes. People said it could not be done. No one ever did it before. They said the human body was not designed to run that fast, and yet he made what was unbelievable, believable. After that, it has become an ordinary event.
What do you seem to think is impossible for your life? Any thing is possible if you believe!
There is nothing new under the sun. You are a creator, so start creating!

Make it an unbelievable day!!!

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