Trusting in God

As I was walking my dog late yesterday afternoon I noticed a young man coming out of the train station. I immediately felt compassion for him and was watching as he navigated his surrounding with only a long stick which helped him stay on his path. I knew he had to trust in God as he walked in darkness.

As we both approached an intersection he hesitated to cross the street and proceeded to take out a sign which read, Please help me cross. I offered him my hand and assisted him across. I did this for the next intersection as well.

I wanted to take him all the way to his home but knew that I had to trust as he does every moment that God will provide exactly what you need.

Walking alone, not being able to see and trusting that God will provide the way was the lesson I received.

We are all on this journey finding our way and the more we trust in God to guide us the more we will be lead to a place of glory, grace and love.

God speed.

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