The Gift Of Love

loveself-first Lately, I have not been feeling that great. I must have strained my back which has contributing to frequent headaches, tiredness, and a bit achy and just plain blah! I manage to work through the discomfort, however I find myself going to bed earlier then usually and not wanting to do anything more. Since it is cold outside and dark more than light, hibernating seems apropos.

I am being very gentle with myself through this process.  I have really learned to embrace and love myself fully. Years ago, I would have been angry at myself for not doing more. Now I am allowing myself to just be. I am being calm, kind and gentle with myself. I love every cell, every pound, and every wrinkle of my body. All my imperfections as well as all my gifts are all wonderful.

During this holiday season, when the madness and frenzy of getting everything done, takes over your mind, STOP! Take time to nurture your soul. Give yourself the gift of love. That’s what this season is truly all about. So put down the shopping list and exchange messages from your heart. Rather than consume, resume the blessings that are all around you. With much gratitude, and thanks, love is the answer

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