The Control of Paradigms

We are at a cross road in human evolution. The paradigm of the collective conscious is in crisis. A revolution is taking place. “Like a volcano that’s about to blow, a society that builds social order on  institutionalized soul denial gets progressively violent rumblings, until it looks as if civilization is coming apart at the seams. “ a quote from The paradigm Conspiracy.

All our systems that have been in place up until now are spewing to the surface. The ground under our feet has been taken away, there is no firm foundation. There is no security any more, there never was, we were under the illusion of a false sense of security. We are paving a new uncharted path directed by our inner compass.


This is what in naturopathic terms is called a healing crisis. Things appear to be getting worse but it’s just the bodies way of bringing the illness up and out to heal the core of the dis-ease. The same situation is occurring with our beautiful earth. Just like a caterpillar building its own chrysalis to go to sleep for months, so it can morph into a butterfly. It has to die unto itself to be reborn and to be set free.

Freedom comes when we confront, observe and are willing to release the paradigms of our mind. We must become aware that they are there. They have control over us. We can’t fix it. It’s like a fly beating its body against a window pane believing that it will eventually get out when there is an open door right next to it. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The only way out is to look within!


Change is inevitable, growth is optional. The evolution is already taken place, we are in the chrysalis. Eleonor Roosevelt a pioneer in the women’s movement said “We must do the thing we think we can not do.” It’s time we all take our power back and face our fears as a collective force, and awaken to a new and brighter tomorrow.


“Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the pouring rain, weave me the hope of a new tomorrow and fill my cup again.”

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