Take a Breath

Take a breath! That is what people tell you to do when you are uptight and tense. I have really been focusing on my breath lately and I feel so much more relaxed when I consciously focus on my breathing.  Taking deep slow and steady breaths allows me to keep my mind more balanced and my body at ease rather than dis-ease.  Everything has a rhythm, like the ebb and the flow of the oceans, and the inhale and the exhale of the breath.

Learning to breathe properly has made all the difference in how I view stressful situations.  Instead of my stomach being in knots, and my shoulders up to my ears, I just take a few deep oxytocin  (the love hormone) breaths and release it with a haaa sound, and immediately I feel calm. It takes me out of fight or flight and in to tend and befriend. It is so good!

So take a breath, and allow the gift of being alive fill you up right down into your soul.

From our first breath to our very last breath we are given a life to live and a song to sing so let us all join in on the harmony with a deep breath!

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