Sounds of Silence

Listen, do you hear it? The sounds of silence, that stirs in the midst of stillness. When I become quite and still, the universe reveals all the answers I am seeking to me. It takes some practice to shut out all the distractions of the outside world as well as quite all the chatter of my ego mind. Silence is beautiful music. It is where creation begins. When I listen on a deep and visceral level I open up endless possibilities to fulfill my hearts desires.

Did you ever notice that listen and silence have the same letters in them, just in a different order? Interesting! What is it that you want? What problems are you facing? Stop become silent and listen for the answer, they are there in the quite whispers of the still air.

Take some time every day to become still and silent. Listen to the glorious orchestra of the universe conducting its symphony in the eternal space between your ears. You are a magnificent creation of God and he is broadcasting this to you every moment when you tune in to the channel of silence and listen! It is loud and clear in the sounds of silence.

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