Reverence for Life

Having a reverence for life is choosing to see things differently. When you begin to look at things from your heart instead of your head, you will feel a reverence for life. Everything is connected . You can not harm or damage anything with out it having a consequence on something else. When you understand that love is reverence your heart will open to all of life’s  wonders and magic. The universe will reveal it’s dance and all life will become its dancers. We are all connected. Reverence is seeing something you never saw before. Wayne Dyer said “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” So instead of getting angry at someone who appears to be doing something that is irritating you, look beneath the surface,  to change your attitude.
We are all longing for reverence so why not start with yourself? Open your heart and respect yourself, your friends, family and all people, the natural world and all life. Home is in the heart and the heart  is lying awake waiting to receive your reply for reverence.  You have an open invitation to come home. RSVP

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