Passion, where would we be with out it? Most people associate passion with romance, however I am referring passion with your desire to be or do something magnificent. We all are born with special talents and abilities that when nurtured will develop into mastery.
Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter on this which he titled Desire, the starting point of all achievement. He knew that you must have a burning desire or passion toward something, if you want it to become a reality.
What gets you jazzed? Use your imagination to dream of a desired out come. See it in your minds eye and become obsessed to accomplishing it. With passion you will move closer and closer toward it.
Passion is a powerful emotion that when channeled into your hearts desire will unleash boundless enthusiasm and energy.
Find the passion inside of you and life will respond with joy, love, and a sense of definite purpose like never before.
Anything is possible with passion!

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