Paradigm Shifts

Paradigms control every aspect of our life. They are deep rooted in our subconscious mind, lurking in the recesses to keep us trapped in patterns of behaving that prevent us from creating a life we view from the side lines.

These paradigms are formed from the time we are very young. Actually, when we are born we only have a subconscious mind so everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell gets down loaded just like a computer. We are wide open and under the influence of our surroundings and people who influence us. By the time we are about 7 years of age, our conscious mind forms, but by now we are programmed; our paradigms are running the show. Our beliefs, self esteem, conditioning and habits are hard wired.

Paradigms are also controlling our society, which keeps us addicted to old world beliefs about health, wealth, religion, education, and relationships. We need a new way:



The paradigms of the past are crumbling. The imaginary chains that have kept us locked into an illusion of limitation, lack, fear, prejudges and despair are erupting at the seams of humanity. We must individually and collectively look through a new lens, a new filter, to awaking to a new way. This is the only way humanity will survive. We can reboot, reload, and reprogram our subconscious mind through awareness and understanding of who we truly are. We are creators, we are physical form of spirit, and we are energy manifested with a conscious mind that is in control. As above so below. We must empower ourselves



We must face our taboos and our toxic patters with honesty and integrity, to find the internal compass rather than an external road map that will intuitively guide us to the new earth. We need to take personal responsibility for our own health and wealth;


The only way to change the paradigm of the addictive world culture we live in is to grab hold and pull out the deep roots of the invasive weeds that have spread ramped across our soil. It is time to claim our truth!

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