Open Your Gift

We are all born with certain gifts. We are all gifted in some way. Our journey in this life is to discover our gifts and share them with the world. I heard someone say that the difference between a gifted person and everyone else is that the gifted person has opened his gift while the others have not opened theirs.  It is still wrapped tight waiting to be uncovered.

Some people just know from a very early age what they want to do in life. They seem to have discovered their gift and continue to express it throughout their life while others struggle to find theirs.

The purpose of our lives is to give and receive love in our own unique way.

That unique way is our gifts. There is no one else like you and never will be! That alone is amazing!

The best way to discover and start to open your gift is to be of serves. To give of yourself with an open heart and your magical self with be revealed. Really all you have to do is open your gift, it is waiting for you, so why let it just sit there, open it!!

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