Obsess Much?

Have you ever been obsessed by a thought that simply won’t leave your mind? I recently became obsessed by a negative incident that left me feeling wounded. I was rehashing the words someone said to me over and over and over again! It became an obsession! All day I was thinking about it, I went to bed with it lingering on my mind and woke up with it still lingering like a bad hangover. Why was I letting this bother me so much?
After the second day of obsessing over this, I toke out my journal to write about it and then called a friend to share what went down. I realized that I needed to ask myself two questions to get over this obsession. 1- What do I need to learn from this? and 2- How did I create this? Once I took myself out of victim hood I got a clear picture of how I was able to transmute this negative incident into a positive, constructive and healing experience.
It isn’t easy to see the bigger picture and take responsibility for all the events that are occurring in my life, however, if I am to grow and become wiser, this is something I must do.
The people who press our buttons the most are our greatest teachers so I thank my teachers for helping me learn lessons that will excel my life to new heights and to be able to soar with the eagles!
Here’s to obsession and transmuting it into a burning desire for something great!

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