Observation is Strength

I have come to realize that observation is strength and judgment is weakness.  I love to people watch that is I love to just sit in a public place and watch people. I observe their appearance, their interaction with who they might be with, their reaction to their surroundings and anything else that might be happening. I try to not judge but rather just observe their behaviors.  You can tell so much about people by just observing them.

You can observe if they are nervous, relaxed, angry, or happy, in a rush and any array of human psychological characteristics. The minute I begin to put prejudge into the equation I am losing power.

If I am willing to stay open, even if it means challenging my preconceived notion of the way I believe things should be, the freedom to explore the possibilities will reveal themselves to me through observation.

We are all different yet very much the same. We are all individuals yet all really just one, living together on this beautiful planet. If I judge anyone, I am judging myself. If I am pointing my finger at you, three are pointing back at me. To understand myself I must understand you. To observe anyone is to learn more about me.

I am the ultimate observer influencing my surroundings and creating my world through the lens of my perception.

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