Money Matters

The first law of the universe is order. The solar system, the systems of the body such as the circulatory system, the way electricity works, the ebb and flow of water, are all examples of how the universe is expressing itself in an orderly way. The second law is movement. Everything is in an ocean of motion.  If you break a solid object down to its smallest form, you will see molecules in motion.  When we disrupt the natural flow of things, disorder occurs. We see the damage water can cause during major storms, in our body when blood clots, heart and other degenerative symptoms appear, and when the flow of electricity is interrupted the circuit shuts down. This same principle applies to money as well. 

Money is currency, it must circulate.  The economic melt down has caused fear, worry, and panic which is crippling to the natural order of movement.  Opt out of the recession; create order and movement in your life, click here to find out how:


You see we are either creating or disintegrating.  Which direction do you choice to move in? You can either move forward into grow and prosperity, or fall back in to your comfort zone, into fear, worry and panic.  The greatest gift we were given is the power to choose.  Wouldn’t you agree that to move forward, to create, to serve, to love, to laugh, to grow and step up and in to a life filled with abundance is the direction you desire to move into? All you need to do is take the first step by clicking here


and the journey has begun!!!

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