Mind over Matter

The secret of inner magic starts with your thoughts. It is mind over matter.  We can actually become the alchemist of our own life.  To understand how this works, visualize your thoughts as being electrical in nature.  They are short-lived; they come and go quickly.  When they are completely random, they cancel each other out, and no image is formed. When you have a string of thoughts that are related, an image forms.  We actually think in pictures, so when you have a clear image of something, your brain secretes minute quantities of chemicals called neuropeptides, creating an emotion.  It is the emotion that attracts or repels what we want in our life.  In other words we get who we are not what we want.  The law of attraction is really a sub law of the law of vibration.  If you get angry on a regular basis, your  body has become addicted to that emotion.  Your pituitary gland secretes the chemical for this emotion into your bloodstream and locking them on to receptor sites on the cells through out your body.  After time your cells get hungry for this emotion and produce more receptor sites for this feeling, so you are actually looking subconsciously for another (picture) event that will feed your hungry cells this hormone.  Reacting to things like traffic jams, waiting in line at the supermarket when someone ahead of you is taking to long, or the bank teller making an error are triggers that can stir up this anger.  The key is to change your perception about these events.  Look for something positive that will alter the negative feeling. This can be done by making a small shift in thought.  In other words change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

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