Make it Subconscious

Before any idea can work in our lives it must be accepted by the subconscious mind. When the idea is accepted by the subconscious it must work in our lives. Knowledge that is only in the conscious (or fore-conscious) mind can have no practical effect. It is when it is accepted in the deeper layers that it becomes dynamic.

Physicians know consciously what perfect anatomy and hygiene would be, but they are not healthier than any other class because this knowledge is not in the deeper layers of their minds. If it were, they would demonstrate perfect health. We students of metaphysics know that God is Love and Intelligence and we believe it, but it is not until that idea is accepted in the deeper levels of our subconscious that we shall have perfect peace of mind and the all-around harmony that comes with it.

From the scientific point of view then, our problem is to get the idea we wish to demonstrate accepted by the subconscious. Then the rest will follow.

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