Living the Good Life

LIVING THE GOOD LIFELiving the good life is a state of mind. I mind that requires disciple and focus on what is truly important. So many people look for the good life in things. We want more things but this doesn’t buy us the good life. We just then want more and more things to fill that empty void. We buy cheap goods thinking we can replace them if they break. However, there are no cheap goods in the heavenly market. Everything worth having is expensive. The good life comes at a price.
So many people give up when the going gets tough, or the challenges seem insurmountable, but just know that these are only tests to living the good life. Have faith, stand your ground, keep your mind strong and persevere.
We all want to live the good life. We can all live it too. Remember, when the struggle seems difficult and the road ahead looks impossible, there is always a way. If you keep your mind focused on the good life, a path will be revealed to you. Smile, believe and stand fast, refuse to be over come.
Here’s to living the good life!

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