Living a Balanced Life

All health and well being come from living a wholesome and balanced life. How we create this balance in a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster out of control is a personal journey we all need to under take. We have the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. We can touch peoples’ lives from afar and yet so many people are frightened to let go of the past, afraid of change, afraid of each other. There are so many ways to connect, but you see more disassociation with ourselves as well as others.  As companies down size and fast food restaurants super size, the balance of life has become distorted. We have become a nation of obesity, addictions, and selfishness.

The earth has a way of restoring itself and bringing about balance naturally, if we do not interfere with the inherent design of its plan, this is also true when it comes to our body’s immune system.  Unfortunately man and his ego have separated from the spirit and have created an unbalance that needs to be restored in order to achieve harmony with our world, each other, and ourselves.

We must look within rather than outside of ourselves for the answers to all life’s questions. All true power comes from our soul, and this power has been lying dormant within us ready to be awakened whenever we are ready to listen. Our intuition always speaks to us in quite whispers, always guiding us in the direction of our spirits. Listen to your intuition and follow your spirit


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