Life As Art

Life is Art. What do you want to draw and create on your canvas? If any thing goes, how do you see your life? See your life as art and create as you move through it. Every thing you do is art. Every word you speak, every move you make, every piece of clothing you choose to wear and every thought you think is your creation. Make it fabulous! Every thing you observe can be transformed to art. Some times I see images in the clouds, or in a tree, or in cracks in the sidewalk. Just observe life as art and the world will reveal her wonders to you. So take the lid of your imagination and start dreaming. Become the artist, the sculpture, the dancer and the poet, because life is art. You are here to observe life as art and to create and blend your own unique art work in to the palate.
This world is here for your eyes only. See it as art and become the artist.

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