Laughter is Good Medicine

I’ve hear it said that the day we have a good laugh at our self is the day we grow up. Lighten up! I know I can take myself way too seriously. Yes, there are times when shit happens!  Lately lots of it has been happening to me, but I know that if I lighten up and let go and trust that all is for my higher good, the lesson of what I need to learn will be revealed to me.

Laughter is great medicine. There have been many studies were cancer patients who watched funny movies and laughed a lot had stronger immune systems then those that toke things more seriously. It feels good to laugh, to jump for joy! To lighten up is to become lighter, to become enlightened, and to become one with spirit or your higher self.

Even smiling is known to change the chemistry in the brain and increase endorphins (the feel good hormone). So I consciously turn my frown upside down.

So connect with your higher self and lighten up. Laugh more, love more, and dream with your eyes wide open. Rejoice in the slender of life that is so abundant and is laughing all the time.  Hey have you heard of a good joke lately?

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