Killing Time

killing timeHow many times have you heard the expression, “I have some time to kill” ? Every time I hear this, I cringe! Really, who wants to actually kill time?  Killing anything for that matter is horrible enough. Time is our most precious commodity. We only get so much of it before we are gone from this earth, so why would you want to kill time? People have a tendency to say things unconsciously without thinking of the actually meaning or content. Every moment is sacred. There is no such thing as extra time. If you are waiting, stuck in traffic, feeling bored, or anything which gives you the illusion of extra time, think, feel, use your imagination, or meditate, to get the most value from time. If you are competing in the Olympics,every fraction of a second counts. Make your time count. One day you will look back upon your life, and wonder, where did the time go?

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