Is Life Fair?

Did you ever hear yourself or any one say life’s not fair? I know I have. I have thought this myself when I was younger and less aware of the laws of the universe. My children use to say it when they were kids and my Mom still says it. I listen to peoples conversations and hear them say from time to time that life isn’t fair.
Actually, we are all were we need to be whether we want to admit that or not. Life has giving us exactly what we need to learn the lessons that are meant just for us. So is this fair? If we see ourselves as victims, life will give us just that, more situations that reinforces this belief. If we see ourselves overcoming our challenges than we are free to triumph over the feeling of being a victim.
God is good all the time and does not play favorites. Life may seem unfair, however this is only because we limit our thinking to feeling sorry for ourselves. I have gone through many, many personal struggles and I could have allowed these struggles to believe that life isn’t fair but I choose to step out of this limiting belief to reach higher and appreciate where and what I’ve gone through to mold me into the person I am today.
So if you believe life isn’t fair, think again, look around and see that others have overcome their difficulties through believing in something better, something that drives them to being all they can be.
It is ok it sit on the pity potty once in awhile but remember to flush!

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