Intimacy or ( in-to-me see) is one of the richest feelings you can experience in your life. Do you have any intimate relationships in your life? I believe the first person you need to be intimate with is yourself. To know yourself, or as Shakespeare would say “to thy own self  be true”.  What do you like? What motivates and inspires you? What are your dreams and desires? www.thebillionairenetwork.com/monicabennett

The next intimate relationship is with someone else. Someone who you trust and have high respect for. Someone who you can share your deepest feelings with, without any judgment.  Someone who you can be vulnerable with and talk about things that might have hurt you. If you have one or a few of these people in our lives, consider yourself very fortunate. These people are priceless! These relationships take time and have to be developed.  Having intimacy or (in-to-me see) with someone will make life so much richer and rewarding. But, first you need to be intimate with you. You need to love yourself and give yourself this gift. Once you develop this relationship with yourself, you will create healthy boundaries with the people closest to you and then with everyone else.


I believe we are here on this earth to discover ourselves in a deeper and more intimate way.  On this journey of life, enjoy and share these moments with  God and then commune with your brothers and sisters to bring love and freedom to all.

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