In Loving Hands

I’ve heard that the ego is (edging God out) of your life. When I allow my ego to take control of my feelings I always wind up creating drama that limits my full awareness and presence to what I really need to learn from the situation. The illusion of what appears to be real is only a disguise to trick me into reacting and defending my personal viewpoints, opinions and judgments.  When I allow myself to detach from the outcome of what I want to happen, I can begin to release the hold of my ego and let God in. I let go of the steering wheel, knowing I Am being guided on a path leading me to my awakening.

Until I realize and embrace the shadow side of my nature I will never heal the insanity that lurks and hides in the dark recesses of my mind.  In other words what I resist will persist. When I begin to love all of myself, the light within me can shine and radiate life, love and truth, to all who desire to transcend their ego based thinking.

Go within yourself, sit in silence and listen to the quite voice of your soul. Its there, if you pay attention. When I look deep within myself I know I have the power and the answers to overcome any obstacle.  We all need to face our inner most fears and overcome them.  Eleanor Roosevelt a pioneer in the women’s movement said “We must do the thing we think we can not do.” It’s time we all take our power back and face our fears as a collective force, and awaken to a new and brighter tomorrow.” I am love and light.

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