Hold on to Nothing ,Let Go of Everything, Go Above the BS

letting go
I recently had dinner with a very dear friend of mine. As always we get into some deep and meaningful conversations. She has been through more than most people will ever experience in their lives and God has granted her an Angel that shines so bright that he has lifted her from all the BS (that’s bull shit). She said some thing that has profoundly shifted the way I see everything. That is hold on to nothing, and let go of everything, go above the BS! Now I know that when I let go and let God magical and wonderful things happen. I just never heard it the way she said it. Hold on to nothing and let go of everything. It was so liberating that I became lighter and felt more free than I ever have.
So what are you holding on to? Let it all go, everything in this life is transient any way. Go above all the BS, and lift the glass ceiling from your mind. When you do life gets better and better.
So hold on to nothing and let go of everything, go above the BS.

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