Help! I’m Out On A Limb!!!


How many times have you cut off your nose in spite of your face? You know what I mean, you start to sabotage yourself! Just when you are making some major breakthroughs and things are going really well, you have to cut off the limb that is supporting you. You subconsciously begin manifesting trouble. Now you might not think that there is a relationship between the two, (the things you are breaking through on and the saboteur), but there most certainty are. You see, there are self limiting patterns that are inherently designed to keep you from success and fulfillment. These are subconscious programs that have been downloaded to keep you safe and comfortable. Your ego doesn’t want you to step outside of your comfort zone. The minute you want to do something that is bigger then your self image, wham! You will hear some uproar in the form of the saboteur. Old stuff will try very hard to keep you from moving forward into growth. Your old limiting self will do everything to keep addicted and away from success.

In order to breakthrough this fear based stinking thinking you must first be aware of what is surfacing and bubbling up inside you. Then you must do something different that will create a new outcome. Patterns of sabotage can run very deep. There are layers and layers of depth that keep you bound to negative beliefs.

You don’t need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough, you need a coach to guide you through!

Call Monica today and find out how to put that saboteur in the backseat so you can be in the drivers seat.

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