Good News

Read all about it, Good News!!! What if we woke up every morning to Good News?  What if the head lines in the newspaper were all about the wonderful things that are happening in and around the world and the remarkable acts of kindness people were doing? Do you think we would be more loving, compassionate and open to the possibilities of questions like what if? All it takes is YOU to change and create that which you want to see in your world. YOU can make a difference and the world needs YOU to be your best YOU!!!

The Good News is YOU are a creator. The Good News is YOU can make a difference. The Good News is there is abundance all around YOU, when you stay open to looking for the good.

The world news  motto is “if it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t led.” What if we changed that to “if it doesn’t make you smile than it’s not worth while!”

So turn that frown upside down and celebrate all the things that are right in the world. I will celebrate YOU, and look for Good News everday to be in harmony with all of nature.

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