God, Love and Energy

Where do you get your energy from? From the food we eat, to the people we associate with, from the work we do and from the activities we choose to engage in, all contribute to the amount of energy we have.
Actually life exists between the connection of matter and energy. Energy is all around us and inside of us. It can not be created or destroyed.  The entire physical universe is bound together and connected by energy.
If your feeling down, you usually don’t have much energy to do anything. However if someone calls you that you really love and asks you if you want to get together, all of a sudden you get a burst of energy, right.  So where does this energy come from? Love, love is the ultimate energy. We are all seeking this in one way or another. We are reaching out to connect to the source, which is love, God or energy. They are all one of the same.
So the next time your feeling drained, plug into source energy, love, and reboot your energy supply. It is always available, 24/7.

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