From Crisis to Consciousness

We are living in a day and time that is truly miraculous! Discoveries, explorations and research have brought human life to a pinnacle of self consciousness, yet we find ourselves in more crisis than ever before. Our earth and people are in crisis. We are in an environmental crisis, financial crisis, health crisis and a spiritual crisis!

I believe that even though we have the wisdom and knowledge available to supersede any challenge, most people have forgotten who they are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore we are the creators of our life. We came from somewhere and are on a journey back to a higher plane. Our DNA is shaped like a spiral staircase ascending upwards.

Follow and observe the laws of nature, the miraculous creation of birth, the bliss of travelling within your universe to unravel the mysteries of life itself.

There is nothing new under the sun. Anything and everything is possible if you believe in YOU! Come from a place of love and peace within your heart and all the troubles of the world, will melt away.

Just like a caterpillar has to die to become a beautiful butterfly, we too have to go within our chrysalis to become aware of our true spiritual self.

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