Feeling Strong

I am feeling stronger than ever. I recently started working out with a personal trainer and boy has it made all the difference in the world! I always considered myself in excellent shape and health, however I just wanted to tweak a few things on my body. After all I just turned 55 and I feel it more important than ever to be strong in mind, body and spirit. Wow, I realize just like a life coach can direct your life in a positive direction a personal trainer does the same thing for your body. Those few simple improvements have created such strength and toning than I look and feel so much better.
My energy is greater and I feel invigorated. As I said I’m in excellent shape but now I can really define by body to be in alignment with my mind and spirit. I know it is all about the micro movements, just as it is the small things we do every day to improve our life. Keeping fit is important for me since I feel so much better, so here’s to feeling strong and healthy at any age. I am stronger than I think!

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