Feeling Abundance

If you are in touch with your divine self, you will feel an abundance of gratitude for life.
This can be very challenging for so many people struggling with the loss of their homes, cars, possessions, and other things that have been taken away by the wrath of hurricane Sandy here on the east coast of New York and New Jersey. I just got off the phone with a friend who lost everything. He is living in a temporary place and is not sure where to go and what to do next. I have been hearing many stories such as these every day for the last couple of weeks.  It has been a time of great sadness and reflection for many.
As we approach Thanksgiving, I just want to remind everyone that there is abundance everywhere in nature and if you focus your attention on all that we do have, more will come. If you keep your mind focused on the loss, more shall be lost. This is a law of the universe.
My parents came to the United States after the war and made a good life for themselves out of what appeared to be nothing. I know others who also came to this country with only $200 in their possession and became very wealthy.
Abundance is a state of mind. Even when it appears that everything is lost, if you keep your heart and mind open, there is still a glimmer of hope, faith and love that will begin to grow and expand bringing more and more into your life.
I am feeling abundance in every area of my life and am truly grateful to know that there are people who have a heart of gold.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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