Faith is the Answer

The acronym for Faith is Finding Answers in the Heart.  I’ve heard that fear knocked on the door and Faith answered and no one was their!   When I live in Faith I know that all is well. Even though I have many challenges and things that appear scary or frightening will try to take over my mind, my faith in my higher power will assist me in shifting that feeling to serenity and peace. Fear is only false evidence that appears real. I am the creator and I can change my thoughts, feelings and actions to be anything! I can decide to live in faith not fear! And I can believe that I will over come anything that appears to be in my way to live my highest self.

I do this by surrounding myself with like minded people who remind me of my gifts and amazing abilities.  I do this by living and surrounding myself in a beautiful environment. I respect my earth and have reverence for all life! I do this by being conscious of the food I eat and the things I purchase. I do this by expressing my uniqueness to the world in a bigger and bigger way!!! Have Faith and all things are possible!!!

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