Do Opposites Attract?

We live in a world of duality. There is a polar opposite for everything. Were there is life there is a death, an in, an out, a negative, a positive, tall or short. Every thing has an opposite.
When we practice stillness of mind, we get in touch with the space between these opposing dualities. We become grounded as the neutral wire in electricity. Here is were we can create. There is nothing we can’t do, be or have  if we realize that the answers are in the center of these opposites. It all comes together and melts into one. Everything is already connected. Then you choose what you desire out of this primordial soup that is being stirred.
If you choose to live a life of joy, abundance, and health than realize what is necessary to attract these positive attributed into your life. You must become a vibrational match for it. If you are  attracting negative things, then go back into the stillness and get clear as to what you truly desire.
When there is any ambiguity within yourself, you will continue to attract the opposite of what you think you what. You have not become grounded .
Feel the oneness within your being and explore the contrast of this magnificent world all around you.
Every opposite is here to show us and wake us up to the eyes of God, and God is good all the time.

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