Dare to Be Different

dare to be differentWhat is it that you want in life? Have you ever really sat down with yourself and asked this question? We are given this precious gift of life and tend to waste it living halfheartedly. Why not give it 100 percent? You see, you only get what you give. Why not dare to live all out? Why not dare to be different? What are we afraid of? If we begin to ask ourselves these questions, we can then begin to discover what we really want and go for it.
There is only one of you. You are a perfect expression of God. Begin to step out of your comfort zone and explore this marvelous world and all it has to offer. The greatest sin is to die with your music still inside of you. So what is it that you want? Don’t even think about what any body else would think about how you want to live your life. Here are four questions you can ask your self when you want to make a decision ;
1-Do I want to be, do or have this?
2-Will being, doing or having this move me in the direction of my goal?
3-Is being, doing or having this in harmony with God’s laws or the laws of the universe?
4-Will being, doing or having this violate the rights of others?
If the answer to the first three questions is yes, and the answer to the last question is no, then make the decision and go for it.
Dare to be different and life full out!

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