Conscious Parenting

I have come to the understanding that you can’t give what you don’t have. I also know that we all are doing the best we can with the tools we have.  But by increasing your level of awareness you gain insight and clarity as to how to expand your tool box so that you are able to give more, and be more.  Let’s face it, we all want to raise healthy, happy children and I believe we have the best intentions to do just that.  We read all the books, you listen to advice from your mom and other members of your family, from friends, and from where ever and from whatever source we feel are relevant.  Through my own trials and tribulations of being a mom of two beautiful young adults, I have discovered that the best way to teach your children all the wonderful things life has to offer is by becoming that person ourselves.  Now you might think this is pretty simplistic, and it is but really the more you know yourself the better and self confident your children will become.  Getting to know yourself requires you to look at yourself and life and see what is working and what isn’t, to be brutally honest with yourself, because what you do not fix your children inherit. It is crucial for you to get a clear picture of your mind and see how it operates.  Where did you learn all your beliefs, behaviors, habits, conditioning, paradigms, and self image, from?  Are we repeating these patterns just because that is how we were raised or are we creating a new way?  We are living in very exciting times, that can be scary for some because it requires us to constantly adopt and change the old ways, the old beliefs that no longer work.  We are living in a brave new world, and our children will inherit this world, so it is vitally important to be conscious, sensitive, and flexible as to how and what we want to leave behind.  We must take responsibility for our own lives, so that we can be the guardians we truly want to be.

From the time a baby is born they are picking up everything from their environment, and I mean everything.  Their senses might not be developed fully but they are sponges to what is going on in the external world.  They pick up on vibrations, and actually they have already developed characteristics in the womb from what they have absorbed through these vibrations.  All feeling have a frequency, a tune sort of speak.  Like a piano key being struck, resonating a crystal on a chandelier.  They are aware of the subtlest of sensations all around them.  What you are feeling they can feel as well.  The only way they know how to communicate is through crying, or signs of discomfort, or peacefulness. We try our best to keep them comfortable and out of pain.  Sometimes this can be challenging and frustrating.  But remember the more we become frustrated or angry they will sense these feelings and show signs of more discomfort.  That is why it is so important to understand how we are feeling and learn how to release these feelings ourselves in a healthy way so that our children do not absorb these negative vibes.


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