Celebrating Life

celebration of lifeCelebrate life every day. Recently our Nia dance community lost a very special and wonderful woman, tragically and suddenly. The shock waves sent ripples of grief and disbelief amongst all the people who loved her and were touched by her grace. Although her loss was so sad, we celebrated her life last week through dance. We held a memorial celebration and felt her presence in the movement of life. She would have wanted it this way. Her smile, was contagious, her enthusiasm echoed in our bones as we danced with her. She will be missed. As we all will one day leave our bodies and transform back to spirit, we can still feel, the presences of that being in our hearts and kindle the memories of joy that they brought to this world. Celebrate their life, Remember the joy rather than the sadness and dance the pain away. Dance, dance and dance some more….

May her heart be at rest and her spirit dancing to the the music of the cosmos.


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