Being Vulnerable

vulnerablityRecently I have been feeling very exposed and vulnerable.  I have just completed writing a book in which I share very intimate and personal parts of my life, I never revealed before. This caused great angst and fear within me. I am worried that people will judge me and look at me with different eyes. I never thought that I would feel this way, however I am vulnerable and its OK. To be fully empowered means to be vulnerable. To be true to myself and others I have to be vulnerable.  I know that life begins outside my comfort zone.  It is uncomfortable to express your feelings some times. To say things that might not be received the way we want them to be received. Maybe people will love my book. Maybe some will hate it. I know that I have to be OK either way. In order for me to be empowered I need to put myself out on the line and not worry about people’s reactions. Every time I get vulnerable and reveal more of who I am to the world, I allow my self esteem and confidence in myself to grow. Like a tree that was once a little sapling, I now stand tall and strong. I can withstand the winds and storms and shed my leaves in the fall to expose my bare beautiful branches to the world.

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