Attitude of Gratitude

I’ve come to realize that my attitude will dictate every result I get in my life. I’m sure you heard this message too growing up.  Things like; if you had a better attitude, you could get better grades in school, or, with an attitude like that you can go to your room, right?  The only thing is no one ever told us how to get a better attitude. What is attitude anyway?  Well the dictionary describes it as; 1.A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself, indicative of mood or condition. 2. A state of mind or feeling with regard to some matter. 3. A way of behaving; disposition. In other words, my thoughts, feelings, and actions must all be aligned in a positive way, in order for me to be perceived and received as authentic. When this happens, I will radiate with confidence.

To do this, I have to be willing and able to honestly look at the results I am presently getting in my life. I know that at the center of my being is love, truth and a life that is connected to a higher intelligence. I also know I have gotten mixed messages about myself and the world as I was growing up.  These negative messages have formed my behaviors and beliefs. Even though they didn’t feel good, I grew up not realizing how these limiting beliefs affected my attitude and everything in my life.

Now I know that I can change my perception about those beliefs. I choose to align with my higher self and develop an attitude of gratitude. Once I begin to make that shift, my whole world will reflect the results back to me, as a mirror reflects an image. So for the New Year I choose to take responsibility for my attitude and stay connected with the core of who I am. Won’t you join me and connect to your truth?  


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