Are We Consciously Evolving?

Are we consciously evolving or unconsciously regressing? As a species we have come so far in so many areas of our lives, yet we seem to be destroying the very thing that we strive to create. To be conscious is to be aware of who we are, why we do the things we do and progress in a healthy body, intelligent mind and disciple spirit. The very technology that is advancing human evolution can destroy us as well.

When I take the train into the city, everyone is on their phones. Everyone! Me included. We all have our heads down looking into a screen. No one goes anywhere without their phone. Teenagers are totally attached and even babies are addicted to these devices.

I now make a conscious effort to put my phone away, observe my surroundings and engage in conversation when I see an opportunity. I leave my cell phone at home when I take a walk and disconnect from it as often as I can.

Here are 3 ways you put the phone aside, stand tall and master technology rather than be a slave to technology.

1- Engage in some healthy activity for at least 1 hour before looking at your email, messages or social media.

2-Purposely leave your phone behind when you go out for a walk or work out.

3- Engage in something creative for 1 or more hours a day that doesn’t rely on technology.

How can I help you evolve consciously? Yes, you will have to pick up the phone to do that.



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