A Healing Crisis

In nature a healing crisis is needed in order to obtain a new way of being healthy. Our bodies are designed to detoxify and bring out to the surface all the impurities that are deep within us. Our cells have memory and we must let go of the sickness for true healing to occur. Our subconscious minds store all the memories of past experiences and controls ever part of our bodies. Our heart rate, digestion, circulation, ever thing!!!
A healing crisis can also occur in other areas in our lives too, such as relationships, financial, career and spiritual.  I believe we are living in a time that is unprecedented in having a healing crisis in one area or another. The world is in a healing crisis. It is purging from the inside out. This is so necessary in order to heal. Although it appears things look gray and dismal, the truth is, this is exactly what needs to occur for a new world to emerge. Individually and collectively we need to look within ourselves and uproot the parts of our storied memories that are holding us back, keeping us in bondage. It is uncomfortable to shed our skin and morph into some one entirely new. Just like a butterfly that was once a caterpillar. Begin your healing crisis now and learn to fly!!
As Saint Francis Assisi said
“It is dying to the self that we are born to eternal life.”

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