The Law of Attraction

We are living in a cutting edge universe. In other words we are creating our reality through our thoughts, feelings, and actions at every moment. We are attracting everything in our life whether that may be positive or negative. This is the law of attraction.  The question is what is it that you really want?  We were born to feel good, to create, to expand into something better and express our gifts but along the path we have been reinforced with negativity. We have been down loaded with a virus; the virus of negativity. This must be removed, cancelled and deleted before we can live our lives filled with abundance. If something is out of alignment, you will experience incongruence and attract undesirable results. By paying attention to your feelings, you will begin to realize that your thoughts are not focusing in on what it is you truly want to create. The greatest gift you have is the power of choice. So choose a new thought, and concentrate on what you desire, not on what you don’t want.


Remember the only thing that can grow is what you pay attention to.  Don’t try to fix something, that will not work, you must accept the situation you are in before you can move out of it.  What you resist will persist. Look for what’s good in every negative.  There is an opposite to everything. You can see a glass of water half empty or half full. You can wake up every morning and say Good morning God or Good God… morning. It’s up to you, how do you want to view your world? Live life to the fullest, by downloading and rebooting a new program, a program of abundance. It’s your life so live it fully!


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